Bright Red!

From his seat at that elevation, he could clearly see the red light moving in an abrupt, yet repetitive fashion.

He was sure that this was some sort of secret code being relayed to a battalion of mastermind criminals. Was it a bank that was going to be the next target? Or the stock exchange? Or the vada pav stall across his home? Was it the date and time that was being relayed?

He rummaged through his backpack for a notepad and ended up with an old movie ticket stub. Writing on bond paper could wait! At this moment in the dark of the night, his mind was racing with images! The robbery scene was already taking shape in his thoughts. He was scribbling down code of his own, denoting every motion of the bright red a symbol that he imagined only he could later decipher. It took a while for his racing mind to realize that the bright red light was moving faster and was approaching him.

A blaring sound from the loudspeaker snapped him out of his daydream. It was his turn to pilot the flight for a takeoff. Tucking on his pilot cap he thought ‘the ticket stub was anyways almost out of space’.


Hope I triggered your imagination!!
And funny bone!

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The Beginning!


4 thoughts on “Bright Red!

    1. Thanks Dipen!!
      The world should know of what happened in PTI!!

      For those who don’t know, PTI stands for Power Training Institute, where a series of technical lectures were delivered to us!
      You guessed it right, many of the stories here are products carved out during those ‘less attentive’ times!


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