The Waiter

Loud music was bursting through the speakers all around. In the corner, the DJ was the only one swaying to the beats. With his headphones on, he was completely unaware of the chaos the kids were creating. And the kids in turn had no idea of what they were doing at this marriage reception. And so they were doing what they did best – running through the crowds and scaring the guts out of the oldies. And dodging these kids were the amazingly well-trained waiters, serving starters on trays that only they could balance. The eyes of one such young waiter fell upon a beautiful damsel in that noisy crowd. He instantly turned into a smart looking undercover agent. Visualizing the last paneer tikka piece on his tray as a wedding ring, he deftly strode forward towards the damsel. This time the kids were proving to be great hurdles in his path. He somehow managed to reach the damsel, who was facing the other side, the voice of her laughter ever so melodious to his ears. He was about to go into the “Will you marry me? “ pose, when a fat and, let’s say, not so beautiful woman snatched the piece from his tray. The undercover agent saw in shock, as she gulped down the wedding ring in a split second. The waiter’s dream crashed to the ground when he realized he was stuck with this ‘not so beautiful’ woman for the rest of his life.

Note: Do leave your views, once you are done admiring in wonder! 😀

Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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