Worlds Apart!

It’s great to collaborate! And more so, if by accident!

Here’s one of many amazing sketches by my great schoolmate Burhan.
He sent it to me, obviously to show-off!
And I wrote a little tale to it, obviously for the same reason!

And we present to you the concoction!


Worlds Apart!

The dragons had lived in fear, for their King had warned them of other species that wandered the worlds beyond them. Species that they knew nothing about, except that they were ruthless beings. But this did not appeal to Zircos, a valiant dragon who stepped out to explore the world! It was when he was on the edge of a cliff far away from home, that he realized that the same warnings were doing the rounds amongst all other species. And here was one such wanderer, a way smaller creature that Zircos had imagined. But with the same intentions as those rushing through his mind!


Yes, I know the story is better than the sketch!! 😉
You can gladly endorse that in your heartfelt comments below!
Or otherwise!

Read On!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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