Appy Hours!

Remember the times you had to ask your housemaid to collect vegetables from the local grocery. Or the times when you had to stand in the sun and wait for a cabbie in a happy mood to take mom to her destiny. Or the times when you used to beg for those pixelated game cassettes to play on your ultra-efficient and super advanced video game console. Yes, you needed in a good word from your elder sibling the get the bill to pass.

In all these cases, you were, directly or indirectly, making use of a ‘middle-man’ to get a task done. These glorious middle-men crashed a brick wall with the advent of fancy apps. These apps eliminated your teammates in a relay race and took you straight to the finish line. These apps now touch your lives in as many ways as you touch them. How touching! They have become the new middle-men. I like to call them the middle-bots. They can help you remember important tasks, and along with the inbuilt snooze button, you can rightfully blame the app for your procrastination. They can inform you of all the world’s happenings, along with the occasional displaying of some harmless cat videos. They also help you fight your drooping eyelids, at times when you need sleep the most. Apps are definitely on the way to redefine our lives. Or maybe even us. You don’t like the incessant chatter of your teacher? Learn online! That arrogant tea seller doesn’t give you a discount? Order a Starbucks coffee instead. And don’t forget to use that promo code hidden somewhere in the text messages of your app-house (your phone, silly!)

What I’m looking forward to are apps that really eliminate the human touch from our day-to-day lives. How’s an app that does the cooking for you? No capsicum? Ok! Extra cheese? All smiles! Or an app that helps laboring mothers deliver? Midwife? What’s that? Or an app that does your gymming for you, so that you wake up with super strength and rubber band flexibility? I’m definitely up for this one, even if it is paid!! Imagine twisting all the way back to command an app on your phone to eat that cheeseburger for you! So cool!

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What do you dream of apps doing for you? Do dream, as long as apps don’t take that too away from you!

Catch you in the comments section!

Go Fly!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


5 thoughts on “Appy Hours!

    1. Thanks Fatimah!
      I could help you with making a list of what you need!
      Step 1: An app that cooks
      Step 2: An app that eats
      Step 3: An app that sleeps
      All of these, it does just for you!

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