Work Perk!

He struggled to rise at 7 in the morning, his colorful dream left abrupt. He rummaged and found a relatively less creased shirt and a pair of boring trousers. Grabbing two slices of bread as an excuse for breakfast he made his way to yet another mundane day at work. Loud and bright advertisements on hoardings as huge as they could be eclipsed the cheerful little kids playing a game of hopscotch here and there. The advertised sedan that he dreamt of one day buying would remain a dream if he continued to draw the same salary. He parked his bike among a sea of two-wheelers, only then realizing that he was late today too. Everything about his day was boring. Even though it seemed impossible, his despair deepened.

The smiling faces in office took him by surprise. Even so, the frown on his face only turned into an expression devoid of emotions. Seconds later, his face displayed an exponentially increasing grin as he stared into his work-station. He repeated in his mind the words of the message box, as he high-fived cubicle-mates around.

The company’s software license had expired.

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How else would work be fun? 😉
Drop in your views!
I’d love to hear of your adventures!

Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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