The Poll Toll!

The world of polls amuses me.

The purpose of a poll is to show how inclined, or uninclined, a group of people is towards a specific matter. On the internet that group of people includes the entire planet of netizens, and topics span from ultra-ridiculous to amusingly irrelevant. Where else can you find a toddler inking his finger to the question of whether his country should sign that lucrative nuclear deal? Or an accomplished singer deciding if Sachin should have played that lethal delivery differently?

Polls are expected to give an unbiased picture of the biases of its test ‘hamsters’. I’m not sure how they live up to those expectations.

There exists a poll which inquired whether you thought you were smarter than the average American. Interestingly, this poll was conducted among Americans. Of course, the vast majority said yes. The poll concluded loud and clear that the average American thought he was smarter than the average American. Christopher Nolan, take note!

There are also polls online that you can answer to anonymously. Yes, 10,000 of the poll-takers want ‘that’ product now, but who are those 10,000? Well, advertisers could sure end up marketing recreational ‘stuff’ to the police.

Oh, I just realized, even the election polls are ultimately ‘polls’! That explains their outcome!

As an experiment, I announce a poll to decide whether polls are meaningful. Be sure to be anonymous! I’m sure to come across a very specific and earth-shattering conclusion.

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Does the world of polls and associated loopholes bedazzle you too?
Came across some funny polls?
Do share them below!

Looking forward to your views! 🙂

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Yours, literally

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2 thoughts on “The Poll Toll!

  1. Good piece of article. I am sure this poll will make sense (or for that matter more of none sense)…..!!!!

    I guess one can go for a 3rd option – ‘not always’


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