The Tunes

His fingers suddenly found new energy. The keys came alive. He started playing a romantic tune as soon as she came in sight. She occasionally swayed, clicking her fingers and tapping her feet. If she had faced the pianist, she would have seen him glow. He tried replicating her steps from his seat at the piano. But she would stop abruptly and start again even more abruptly. 15 minutes and 3 romantic tunes later, she got up from her table, her fabulous full hair reflecting the dim lights. His heart skipped a beat. He prayed that she’d remember the melodies he so fondly played. As she left the coffee shop, she switched on to a new playlist, a change from the rock music that was already blasting through her earphones.

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Poor pianist, eh? πŸ˜‰
He should have approached her?
I’d love to hear of your versions of the outcomes!

Eat Well!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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