He went in rejected. Stamped on and trampled upon. You could still smell the sweat on him. He went in with the hopes of beginning afresh. They never warned him of what was inside!

A deep hole, he was thrown into. Darkness swallowed him. He felt his mind whirring, or was it his entire body? Someone, or something, lifted him by the collar and threw him to the wall. The impact sucked the air out of him. He heard a voice ask ‘What makes you think you deserve to be here?’ It was an illusion. A tired mind’s deception. The whirring continued and he felt the room, or whatever they called it, revolve.  Before he knew it his arms were tied and he felt his legs didn’t exist. Things only got worse when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore. Just when he was about to be torn, both mentally and physically, things slowed down! Whoever told him about this place was right. He came out clean. He came out anew. Just a little bit wet but the drying the sun would do!

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Washing machines or torture machines?
You tell me!

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Spring Up!
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The Beginning!


7 thoughts on “Thrashed!

    1. Thank you, Chaitra!
      You too have novel way of making me grab a dictionary! 😉
      Thanks for those great words!
      Catch you soon on another post!
      You have a blog of your own?


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