Dear God

Hello Fellas! Good to see you again!
Was going through a good friend’s blog when I came across this poem. A short and sweet one! Thanks, Kavisha, for letting me share this!

Without further ado, here it is!

Dear God,

Wassup bro??

Lets hangout for sometime

Grab some soda and a slice of lime

Yeah yeah, I know you are busy

But sometimes its alright to be lazy

So gamble for sometime away

Roll the dice and let them play

Bro, I’ve got some management issues you see

And I am impressed by your technique

How the hell do you manage us so?

From the mighty human lies

To the downright petty mice?

Don’t you get tired of this unending business

Of granting wishes and answering prayers?

Take a break dear friend

Everybody deserves one

Hangout with me some more

Lets grab some more soda, pass out and snore!!

Image Courtesy:
Post Courtesy: Kavisha Shah

Three cheers to Kavisha for contributing the first guest post!
Please direct all praise and craze to her!

Write light!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


3 thoughts on “Dear God

    1. Thank you so much! Aamir just mentioned that you are a professor of English in an engineering college and I am deeply honored to be the recipient of your praise! 🙂


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