Answers to “Are you an Idiom?”

The idioms have finally been exposed! For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, do check out the blog post in question by visiting “Are you an Idiom?. Go on! Give it a try!

Just hover your mouse over the italicized text and be amazed (or annoyed, I reckon). Explore all 20 of them.

Have an awakening experience!

A discovery it was, I deemed it so. Even though the solution was all green, yet latent to me, I was enthralled to see what the sample of my sky blue concoction had turned out to be. I had just happened to cool both the liquids and drip them for once, in a blue spoon, when the crest of both whirls overlapped beautifully. To celebrate this event, we went to a confectionery store just across the block. Something caught my eye and I inquired about the pricing on the cake. When I realized I was falling short to pay, I started collecting a dime a cousin. While leaving the store, my sister yelled, “ He’s gifted fudge, look, by his lover!” Much to our amazement, the shy smitten guy returned a smile. It took a tweak of the bevel gears in the transmission system to get our hunchback started. As we drove through the traffic, we saw the city museum all lit up. There was a huge canvas with scriptures, saints and a thousand birds painted on it, announcing a new exhibition. And then there was Marvel’s new series, Daredevil’s ad, located right opposite the museum. Coming up ahead was Radisson’s golf course. Had it not been for the golf course, the hotel would have been a waste of the Euro Zone’s Radisson’s fortune. We sped straight from the course’s south and stopped only at home, where a feast was waiting for us. The kids set up the table in a flash. The Tang thermos was right in the centre of the table and my son was waiting to turn the lid. Light foil covered the stew that my better half had prepared. Before we started, my daughter smashed open a fortune cookie, and swelled with joy, “There’s a blessing in this, guys!”. Not too far away into the feast, my youngest niece dropped some stir fry over the silk quilt. But all in all, the dinner was delicious, from Jake’s stew to Tang. “Oh, what a day it has been!”, exclaimed my brother. We ended it in a toast, all our pegs in one glass. KitKats for the kids sufficed. My nephew of 3 was busy shooing pigeons in our balcony. His mother dragged him to the living room, but he crawled back to scare one more. My niece somehow got to the drawer with the cosmetics, and returned only when she left a drop in the lotion bottle. My wife’s favorite black flower pot was quietly placed in the corner of the room. The carnage ended, or rather began, when my other nephew hit the black pot with a baseball bat.

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Here’s the list of the 20 idioms, all in one place, just for you!

1. Greek and Latin to me
2. Apple of my eye
3. Once in a blue moon
4. Best of both worlds
5. Icing on the cake
6. A dime a dozen
7. Judge a book by its cover
8. Speak of the devil
9. A picture paints a thousand words
10. Devil’s advocate
11. Taste of your own medicine
12. Straight from the horse’s mouth
13. Burn the midnight oil
14. A blessing in disgiuise
15. Cry over spilt milk
16. Two to tango
17. All eggs in one basket
18. Back to square one
19. A drop in the ocean
20. Hit the jackpot

Some are truly far-fetched. You are free to pour your heart (and tears) out in the comments section below!

On the flip side, do comment if you found some to be really well-disguised, out there in plain sight, but couldn’t distinguish left from right.

Hope you had as much fun in going through them as much as I enjoyed disguising them!

Ideas and suggestions are welcome, particularly for any such reader-engaging wordplay activities.

Risk It!

Yours, literally


The Beginning!


7 thoughts on “Answers to “Are you an Idiom?”

  1. Hey boy, frankly this was not what i was expecting. It turned to be a secret service decoding stuff. Perhaps not for the average reader like me.

    Bravo, another crackin’ effort……

    Liked by 1 person

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