A Wannapreneur’s Call

I like to call myself entrepreneurial. I’ll give a brief history of myself. I have started not one company. Yet. But I have had quite a few adventures on this horizon. While in my second year of engineering, I was THE sales team of Hulk Juice, an ambitious project of a senior at that time. The team consisted of two people, Rahul Jani and myself. We set up stall for about 14 days, selling health juices to early morning joggers. We shut shop when Rahul passed out of college. In my third year, I joined the Entrepreneurship Cell on our campus. As a result I interacted with many a different campus companies and real-life entrepreneurs. I also have a friend that I made during that period, with whom I’d endlessly discuss opportunities and possibilities of making it big. We still do. Vijay is now in a remote corner of India, his entrepreneurial thoughts reaching desperate levels. Which is good. One of the ideas that we discussed was making websites for small time entrepreneurs like housewives who had some product to get out into the streets. We had also religiously started learning code for that. Vijay turned out to be only marginally more focussed than me. Our ideas changed. Every fortnight.

In my fourth year, I went on to become the Chairperson of the E-Cell. It was during that time that I realized that going headfirst into the battlefield is the only guarantee of a result, positive or disastrous, a learning lesson in each case. During the end of my fourth year, I and two of my hostel mates came together to start a venture that provided discount vouchers for already existing student run campus start-ups. We had three companies as partners and about the same number of customers in our 4 week run. We shut shop when exams opened theirs.

Our futures seemed set.  I was placed in a reputed Indian multinational. Zeeshan and Sourabh have pursued their higher education in the states. We are still on track with our respective beginnings. While I was working (I still am) my 8-6 desk job, I started another small attempt of mine. A news headlines broadcasting service on WhatsApp. I called it Well-Informed. Check this link that includes a question that I asked on Quora regarding this. http://goo.gl/zdAcbN

I had about 12 people on my broadcast list. That idea still excites me.

But what now excites me more is a further evolution of the same concept. I want to have a team of super smart and knowledgeable ‘news-persons’ to explain a news article/historic event to curious minds in a 1-to-1 interaction. We could use mediums such as Skype to share meaningful infographs and images to provide an amazing experience. I call this idea The News Club. I see this as a chargeable service to generate revenue. I am currently looking for ways to take the next step. If this idea excites the entrepreneur inside you, let’s get in touch. Through the comments below would be a good start. We’ll keep this very specific and you could help me fill in the gaps. What I think I am looking for are super avid readers with great communication skills, programmers who can design a website that goes hand in hand, and the rest I’ll figure out along the way.

I also request you to help me know more about how news is perceived by you by answering this concise questionnaire.

Thanks a lot for your involvement, in whatever way it was.

Let’s Start-Up!
Yours, entrepreneurially

The Beginning!


5 thoughts on “A Wannapreneur’s Call

  1. You are very ingenious and creative, your blogs are super fun to read. I think anything you put your focus on seriously, you can accomplish! Good luck, I look forward to reading more!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Deb!
      From one quirky funny bee to another, I think we’re sent to make the world laugh, or we might have just crossed the line with our pathetic jokes up there with God!

      I’m drowning in your gracious words!
      Keep ’em coming! 😉
      And I’m heading to my next fun station now – your blog!



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