There’s a saying!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This saying has recently began to fascinate me. Are apples and doctors interchangeable? Or do they just repel each other? I wonder what would happen if a doctor eats an apple. Does he suffer from something called fruit poisoning? I am curious as to how a doctor would slice an apple. I believe he peels the skin off, in the most painful way ever known to fruitkind; slices, or rather minces the apple to unidentifiable shapes; and then just smashes the juice out of it. That’s what I’d do to robots if they’d pose a threat to my job.

I have been to the doctor’s many times. They sometimes have a food chart somewhere on their wall. You’ll never find an apple in the fruit’s section. Nor a doctor’s photo at the fruit seller’s. They simply cannot co-exist.

Granted, apples do not save lives. But then neither do doctors. They just delay death. At least apples don’t use some secret scribble code to charge you for your pills. Oh, and don’t ever try to put doctors into a fruit salad; the police is busy enough these days.

I wouldn’t be able to control my laughter if my neighbour comes and tells me “My son will grow up to be an apple.” OR “I have an engineer and two apples at home.”

With the cost of apples skyrocketing these days, that day isn’t far when the saying would go, “A doctor a day keeps the apples away.”

I wish we had more sayings like these. Maybe something like ‘An orange a day keeps the government away.’

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What would you rather have, an apple, or a doctor? Or an orange?
Do share your views in that little comment box below!

Eat Apples!
Yours, literally

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17 thoughts on “There’s a saying!

  1. Good humor. This was definitely for the common folks since you touched on the common saying. And of course the common problem with Docs & the apples & the oranges soon…..

    For me, I prefer banana than apple…..

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