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The most frequent advice that I have come across on webpages/posts/blogs/questions that ask for tips on how to write better has been “Read more to write better!”

In a quest to try this I surfed the web (on my imaginary surfboard) and came across this crazy whacky website WaitButWhy. Its essentially a blog, but the writer out there wants it to be called a ‘website’ cos it looks like a bigger deal. I’ll tag along with him. Calling my blog a website would also make me feel like I’m this uber-fantastic writer who’s words deserve the grandeur of a ‘website’, rather than the scanty interiors of one of those little shady shacks called ‘blogs’ along the beach.

This WBW thing is something different out there. The posts cover topics as varied as currencies in the Universe. And the dude who writes ’em has a very natural style of writing. You could compare him to a guy whom you’ve met after ages and he just goes on and on and on about the adventures that he’s had. There’s no cutting him (of course, you’re on a blog), and he takes full advantage on that!

The only time he’ll allow you to stop and reflect on what the hell is going on is when he draws these crazy ‘stick’ figures to accentuate your awe and bewilderment.

Surfing this thing called the internet, I somehow ended up with a link to Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man. And boy, it has been one helluva ride then on. I had a slight idea of who Elon Musk was, but this ‘article’ (blog post in reality) brought a whole new dimension to that guy’s struggle to self-made stardom. And he’s still not done. I ended up with a whole lot of renewed respect for that rad-man. Do check out the blog post. I bet you a zillion monopoly bucks, you won’t stop till the end.

And as every random internet surfer’s weirdly wired brain works, my brain did the ‘sane’ thing to click on another random link on the ‘website'(ah, I really should not use these bracket notes to remind you that it is essentially a blog).  Next up was The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence.

Now let me warn you, this post is so long that there are two parts to it. Yes, that’s two days of your ‘oh-so-productive’ working days. But if you want to know that in about 15-20 years from now, what you are doing today, or tomorrow, or anything in the next 15-20 years just is not going to matter, you should click that link. And by that I mean, it ain’t going to matter like how if an alien on Jupiter loses the earplug of his ear-phones. it ain’t going to matter to you one bit. Behold, amazement awaits you!

And then I entered the Loop; randomly clicking random links on the ‘website’. What would better attract a procrastinator than a link like this -> Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

Well, here I’ll procrastinate and not tell you anything about the ‘article’. JUST GO READ IT!

Btw, I’ve achieved all of this through about 2 weeks of my ‘oh-so-productive’ working days. The ‘website’ did help me through the hard times, especially after lunch.

I have a confession to make. I am a fan of this Tim Urban author dude. You guys tell me whether he amazed you as well.

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