The 5 Rupee Question!

A million men would grab every chance to become a millionaire. What easier chance than to answer a million dollar question? But then there’s a bunch of chaps, who didn’t even let the 5 rupee question go in vain.

Question: What would you offer me if I had 5 rupees to spare?

Answer: It’s down there!

For my readers who are not from India (and I do hope there are) 5 rupees, in today’s date, would amount to somewhere between nothing and 8 US cents. Yes pretty much something that you’d be overjoyed at having in your wallet. So to not make the rupee feel bad, let’s say 5 rupees now equates to a dollar. And now you have a sizeable amount of currency that you can be happy earning.

I asked this question to my entire WhatsApp list and exactly 76 of them were coincidentally free to delve into finding the ultimate good/service that my 5 rupee/dollar could get me.



And here they go.




And they left me diabetic, in my thoughts of course. So if I do die because of high blood pressure, you have precisely 16 of these sweet-toothed guys to imprison.

They were by far the majority. Hershey’s and Cadbury, all the very best!

And then there came this bunch of guys, whom I don’t even know what to say about.




I’ll sure have a long day at the wishing well. I would wish I never met any of these 7 ridiculous pocket-clinking guys.

And then there were 5 of them who came up with pens. They told me they’d like me to continue writing. But then, I have no doubt they’d stab me. Money is man’s worst enemy.

Surprisingly to me, there were only 2 that offered ‘advice’. But now I’m grateful there were only 2. Their advice was priceless. I kept my 5 rupees with me.

I would receive the following items (just one each), had I made the mistake of actually trading my valuable 5 rupees.

-A rose (yep, that’s right)

-An onion

-A travel ticket

-Glue Stick (to stick the broken parts of my life together)

-A glass of cold water

-5 jokes (LOL)

-and a bunch of other things

The following were a few of the more ‘less common items’ that these chaps came up with

-Beer (yes, for 5 rupees!)

-5/11th of a cigarette (I think the guy needed my 5 rupees desperately)

-A book aptly titled “Get rich!”

-More money (yes, my brother understood my situation pretty well)

Also, it made complete sense for a doctor friend of mine to offer me the following:





But really, can apples actually replace doctors?

But what stole my heart was this!




I wish I had an unlimited stash of 5 rupee notes.

No, you don’t get diabetic with home-made muffins.

One guy offered me something that I just couldn’t bargain with.

He offered me sympathy!

Comic Strip Courtesy:
Our dear ol' Microsoft Paint
It's Awesome!

I cannot not give credits to my inspiration for drawing these whacky and disfigured stick figures. Jump to WaitButWhy right here. Or read my blog post on why they are the raddest website.

Shower your comments in the section below. It takes less time than that silly cat video to load.

Ask ridiculous questions!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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