Awful Action

It was just another melancholy day, with the sun awake very long before me. With my watch yet to strap on to my wrist, we left home in a hurry. The traffic near our house was dreadful, with the cops diverting vehicles to take a whole round of the area before getting back on track. Catching a shared auto posed the next challenge, as if keeping my eyes from shutting wasn’t one. In a sea of vehicles that were stuck in the jam, autos don’t come to you; you go to the autos. With Lady Luck smiling down on sleepy me, we were fortunate to get an auto within 20 minutes of praying. And then the auto driver kicked life into the rickety auto. And a dose of it passed on to me. With our supercar speeding through the traffic at the blistering speed of a foot per minute, we began our daily journey to office. Was it not for the bumpy road, I would have fallen asleep as soon as I had touched seat.

Sleepy eyes rarely pay attention to what’s passing by around, but in that dreadful jam, my eyes caught something that got me wide awake. A warning painted on a wall just passed by. It said:


In the split second that followed, my mind deduced that the wall must belong to a private property and the words that my mind just registered must be a result of some previous mishap that the owner might have been witness to.

But ‘AWFUL ACTION’ fired up my imagination.


Awful Action





Was the owner a sadist? Or was he plain precautious? No, he must have meant those words; the way they were painted in bold, blood red.

But what qualified as awful?

My mind could only cycle through these few thoughts when the warning came again, and this time the auto stopped right in front of it. What I read this time gave me the complete picture. The wall belonged to an Ashram. And a bigger font shouted out:



Sign Courtesy:
It's Simple!

But seriously, I think ‘AWFUL ACTION’ would do the trick over ‘LAWFUL ACTION’!

What would qualify as ‘AWFUL ACTION’ for you? Fire up your imagination!

Looking forward to your comments.

Misread! And make up stuff out of that!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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