~ BLISS!!! ~

Great things take shape when you co-create!
Here’s one such creation that the Ever-so-Awesome Deb gave me the opportunity to be part of!
Presenting to you a poem co-written by Deb of Once Upon A Hot Flash and myself.

Thanks, Deb!
And hope to catch you on another poem/song soon!



This poem is co-written by myself and Aamir of Blue Mayhem

Lazy morning, sunshine greets me
I stretch and smile and sigh
No rushing, busy hectic schedule
So in my bed I lie

I long for days to be like this
When time won’t rule my way
To live my dream in total bliss
Each and every day

My life right now is so controlled
My freedom is not mine
I’m taking steps you might call bold
To save my peace of mind

My bliss you see lives in me
As a writer and a poet
I feel my spirit soar so free
When I’m writing and I know it

  FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!!                   

I create new visions every day
I pen another draft
I feel I have so much to say
And learn about this craft

I’m the pen that she holds
And summons so oft
With her movements oh so bold

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