Marmalade Wings

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I lit a match and let it catch

Felt my fingers burn
We stepped out and gave a shout
Stopped right at the turn
Thunder loud up in the clouds
You jumped at the flash
The dog next door whined at the silver line
And the cat made a splash
We ran in vain right through the rain
To that umbrella shop
But through the cracks right in our tracks
You pulled me to a stop
We went down the road that bent
Through rose kissed moon dew
As they’d said, the hut was red
A sparrow crossed the moon blue
We felt the breeze turn to a freeze
Glowing pumpkins lit the path through
We caught the old Witch feebly twitch
Oh, all those haunted stories were true!
You stamped my feet, I skipped a beat
And I tried not to shriek
I followed your gaze to the misty haze
While I still couldn’t speak
I heard her moan and throw a stone
Into the fireplace
I spun, began to run
You had a foot on my lace
The butterflies had prying eyes
And marmalade wings
We were stung by bees and thorny trees
Among other things
The witch came out with her violet snout
And cast a magic spell
You were thrilled, I simply shrilled
The butterflies and bees just fell
She hummed a tune, and a blue lagoon
Came out of nowhere
She called us in, you held my chin
You whispered me to beware
The clock struck eight, and on our plates
Were laid cheese and beans
Her history was a mystery
And that was normal by her means
She showed us tricks, a total of six
Over a cup of hot stew
And then we sang until we blanked
Not all of those haunted stories were true!

Image Courtesy:
A wallpaper treasure!

Inspired from the song “Hot Air Balloon” by Owl City. Do check out their songs if you haven’t already. I love ’em!
And do let me and the other readers know what you liked about my song/poem!
More of ’em coming soon!
And I’m definitely up for co-writing! Here’s one such fantastic creation of Deb(of Once Upon A Hot Flash) and mine.

Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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