The lights were fluorescent and harsh. Crazy mind churning patterns played on the digital canvas that stretched from the pianist to the electric guitarist. The lead vocalist was yelling his lungs out. The acoustic guitarist was well on his way to losing his head. Had he kept his eyes open, his eyeballs would have simply popped out, for there is a thing such as inertia. The drummer seemed oblivious to his surroundings, or so his face showed. But his feet had got a kick of their own. And you wouldn’t have been able to make out his left arm from his right. The keys were screaming to be spared from those fingertips. You could see the keyboard jump from impact. But the on goers that had gathered under the bright night sky simply stared, some of them with questioning looks. There was not a hint on their faces that reflected the chaos that was occurring on stage. They broke into a frenzy once a kind soul connected the instruments’ audio system with that of the arena.

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I like their website design!

I was watching a band perform live when this short tale occurred to me! Do you have any such short tales?
And do let me and the other head-bangers know what you enjoyed about the band’s (and mine!) performance!
More of ’em coming soon!

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If you came here by chance, visit here to read what I believe is one of my best short stories.

Yours, literally

The Beginning!


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