Once upon a time……some 23 years ago!


My grandfather often used to cure his headaches by gulping a glass of salty water. None in the family knew the science behind it, but it did the trick. Until one day, my mother, in all her glorious pregnancy, decided to test old methods on herself. Just one parameter was different this time. Pregnant woman tend to develop blood pressure and salt isn’t sort of the best thing to go with that. And who else could take better care of an adventurous pregnant person than another pregnant person who was also expecting anytime.

 She’s the hero of this story. She’s my Aunt.

She gathered all available resources (that included my grandparents and two Uncles) and rushed my mother to the hospital. I am said the journey to the hospital was not an easy one, with my mother getting a bout of fits twice along the way. Against all odds, they finally made it to the hospital. The paramedics were rushed and the doctor decided to cancel plans to attend a friend’s party. Yeah, I think stuff was getting pretty chaotic. My mother was sedated, and needless to say, complications arose.

The doctors declared that only one would survive. The kid or the mom. My grandmother, without a glimmer of hesitance, chose my mom. Yep, the doctors had given up on the kid. During all this time, the hero of the story stayed beside my mom, and gave her the much needed words of encouragement. It calmed her down. But the doctors say it was the anaesthesia. Either way, my Aunt didn’t stop.

The moment came, and my near unconscious mother delivered a chap who was very evidently very adventurous. He had the umbilical cord around his neck as he entered this world. It was the time of the Wild West after all. The paramedics resolved complications after complications while my mother lay in a drowsy state just beside. About 24 hours later she woke up to hear one of the housekeeping staff congratulate her on delivering a baby boy. She nodded and went off to sleep. Then maybe the kid cried. I can’t recall. That didn’t wake up my mother, they say.

All’s well that ends well! Even if the kid continued to cry like a baby!

And this is the story of my birth! Crazy adventurous, right from the start! I wish my mother a very happy 23rd anniversary of motherhood and keeping up with me. And I wish her a million more!

Cheers to that!

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7 thoughts on “Once upon a time……some 23 years ago!

  1. Happy birthday sonny. Yes as u say all’s well that ends well. After going through all the pain n nightmare………I had u in my arms. My child my son my hero. I m proud of u.

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  2. Well now that explains alot!!! 😉 Happy Belated Birthday…you came in as an adventure and you are living your life as an adventure..yay for you!! Your Mom is very sweet and I see why she is so proud of you…as should you be!! Sorry I don’t get by as often I would like too, I always love reading what you write!! Hope this birthday was alot more fun and less chaotic!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heya, Deb!!
      Thanks a ton for those kind words!
      Life, I’ll make sure, will continue to remain an adventure!
      Wish you a rollercoaster ride too!
      It’s also been a while I;ve written something!
      We both have some catchimg up to do!
      Wish you the best in everything!


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      1. Thanks Aamir! I have no doubt your life will remain an adventure, you are filled with such enthusiasm…and it comes thru in all of your beautiful posts!! Whatever they are… 🙂

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