Introducing Sam!

It’s been a long time I’ve annoyed you with my ‘oh-so-tangential’ posts. And things seem to be getting only more tangential. If you’ve been following a few of my posts before this, or if you have been a victim of my incessant chatter, you would know how varied my interests can get. And the current subject under scrutiny is pretty comic. Literally!

I chanced upon this TEDx Talk on YouTube that had a guy teach the audience how to draw cartoons. Turns out, it is crazy simple. And with that bright sun shining out of the clouds in my mind, I sat down to draw a character.



I’ll call him Sam.

I swear under oath and complete consciousness, I have no idea how Sam turned so unhandsome in the comic ‘page’ below. Anyways, here’s Sam, in his very own first ‘Comic Page’.




I’m highly optimistic about the future of Sam and his journey, because with such treacherously ugly drawing there is no way to go but up!

And if any of you did get through the video I linked to, we have quite a lot to discuss on the thoughts that the presenter leaves the audience with.

P.S. Please bear with the poor picture quality!
I hope to digitize Sam soon!
Maybe call him E-Sam! 😉

Do let Sam know what you think of him! Maybe wish him luck! And we can chat upon the TEDx video content in the comments section below!
Or simply drop a ‘Hi!’!

Edit: Since the last time you met him, Sam has moved on to star in another comic of his own. Accompany him here! He’ll be glad to show you!

Yours, literally

The Beginning!


17 thoughts on “Introducing Sam!

  1. Welcome Sam! I was just thinking about your Creator, seems he read my mind and visited me. Well I’m so happy I stopped by, for now I have met you and look forward to reading about your wacky and wild adventures!! 🙂


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