The Juice Shop that sold more

You can find a juice shop dotting every corner of every street everywhere. They can often be sighted from far away. They’ve always had an unfair advantage in this case. You wouldn’t find a mobile repair shop hang a garland of cellphones outside their entrance. Nor would you see a helmet store arrange his wares in multiple levels, recreating a wedding cake. But the juice guy, space is his biggest constraint. Who wants to have a fancy signboard and a misspelled shop name when you can show them what you’re selling. Green mausambis(sweet lemons), orange oranges and red apples today. Green apples , orange oranges and red mausambis tomorrow. It’s hard to miss those colours in an otherwise dull and tubelight lit footpath.

But here’s a store that sold more.

juice shop

They sold the health benefits of each fruit they juiced. They sold me nutrition conscience. They sold me a brighter skin and better blood flow. They even tried selling me preventive measures for breast cancer. But I didn’t get fooled. But they sold me their juice.

Juice that I’ll buy again and again because I can read English. And because I saw that there were no spelling errors and disoriented formatting. And because I now know that carrot juice provides better oral hygiene, which until yesterday only came from magnesium and calcium carbonates in toothpastes. This juice store is giving Colgate and Pepsodent a run for their money.

I don’t remember noticing the name of that shop. But I remember that they sold me their juice because they sold more!

Location Courtesy: Chennai
Pic Courtesy: The Aunty that allowed me to click the photo
The juice I had: Mausambi Juice (Check for health benefits)
That's it, folks!

Do share any of your stories of stores that sold you more. These little nook and corner shops are the most innovative when it comes to marketing their stuff. What other ways do you think a juice store could sell more? Or any store for that matter.

Drink Juice!
Yours, literally

The Beginning!


11 thoughts on “The Juice Shop that sold more

  1. You said you had Mausambi juice, I don’t see it on the list I see Mozambi is that the same? It’s hard to read the health benefits but it looks like you won’t have any ulcers, you will be having children soon, along with losing weight, you should have not problem peeing and your digestion should be great! I couldn’t read what it prevents looks like either scurvy or surgery…hope it’s both!! Very smart advertising, they would have sold me too…love to know what a juice is doing to help my system!!
    Cheers Aamir!!

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