Fluffy simply couldn’t recognize himself. Not that sheep do spend time in front of mirrors. But his girlfriend Woolorita chatted away with her girlfriends even as Fluffy ‘baaa’d from a distance. He even rolled over in the grass. She didn’t flinch a muscle. Of her tail. A chill would run down his spine. If he had one. The sunny breeze hit him like icy winds from the glaciers. If she didn’t recognize him, no one did! He felt soul-less, worthless, weightless. They had told him that the ordeal that he had gone through was for his own good. They didn’t tell him he’d feel naked, exposed. He stared in despair at the wool that they sheared off his back. Up next was Jeff, the sheep that Woolorita had been eyeing recently!


Location and Idea Courtesy: Agrodome Farm Show, Rotorua, New Zealand
Image Courtesy: http://alaynekrys.blogspot.in/p/ovelhas.html
It's a Sheep cartoon website! Lots of sheep cartoon!

That show in New Zealand was crazy. The presenter had skills that would give Ellen a run for her money. I can only imagine what can happen when the two meet! The guy was exuberating so much energy that the crowds felt that the world’s true treasures were sheep! Remember any such performance that simply left you awestruck? Share your stuff. Also, I’m looking for idea to write more short stories that have a twist! Throw me one as you go!

Go Sheep!
Yours, literally

Here’s another twisted tale for your heart to indulge in. Presenting to you Thrashed!

The Beginning!


7 thoughts on “Weightless

  1. Cirque du soleil blows me away…are you familiar with it? I would think so…go to cirquedusoleil.com and check it out if not!! They are amazing, perhaps you can explain how they do what they do….talk about body control…not that you were!! 😉
    Oh and if you count sheep to fall asleep at night, does Fluffy still qualify even after his close shave?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sure! I’ll check it out! Cirque de Soleil! Quite a quirky name!

      You could definitely count Fluffy in your sleepy daze. Though he counts only as half now! You’d need one more Fluffy to get to hundred!

      Thanks for stopping by every blog post of mine and saying hi! That’s something I’m still learning! Cheers to that!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh so you are not familiar with it, I think you will find it fascinating. Check them out on YouTube.
        Ok so two fluffless Fluffys makes one, got it!! 😉


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