Introducing Sam’s Crush!

Sam's Crush 1 of 4



Sam's Crush 2 of 4




Sam's Crush 3 of 4




Sam's Crush 4 of 4


comic sign


Once upon a lovely morning bright
Sam saw someone in sight
His heart raced like a jolt of light
Against the urge, he just couldn’t fight!


She blew Sam away!!



Courtesy of making Sam fall in love: Vijay
Cartooning Courtesy: Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull
Watch the video. Now! Or when you are connected to WiFi!

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s got a name too. But that’s for another comic!

Will be glad to hear your ideas for comics. I sure want some to build upon!

And don’t forget; get cartooning! πŸ˜€

Find a crush!
Yours, comically

Here’s where we first met our adorable Sam ->Β Introducing Sam!

The Beginning!


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