Out in the Sun!

It was a great day. Kids were out in the ground, some on the slides, some screaming out their minds. I saw how populated my neighbourhood was. There was a gentleman who was sweating and panting as he jogged under the bright sun. I was caught in the crosstalk between the ladies of the colony. Kids were on terraces, almost ready for school. You could not differentiate the stray dogs from the pets of the colony. These were not sights that you could see daily. What surprised me most was that I found myself on my terrace, catching whatever light breeze that there was. From where I was perched, I could see people in nooks and corners, some visibly disturbed. The homes in my neighbourhood were deserted. Not a soul inside. Not a being in deep sleep on cotton mattresses. It was a superior force that had drawn everyone outside. Just as I was noting the new faces in my locality, something caused everyone out on the streets to scurry back into their humble abodes. Five seconds later, I knew that the power connection was restored.

Location and Idea Courtesy: The stark summers of Chennai.
Yes, summer is coming. (Always!)
Image Courtesy: http://www.clker.com/
The free clipart website.

Go out in the Sun!
Yours, literally

Here’s another twisted tale for your heart to indulge in. Presenting to you Thrashed!

The Beginning!


8 thoughts on “Out in the Sun!

  1. And I thought it was the sunshine that had drawn them out…it was the lack of it inside that pushed them out!! Very clever as usual Aamir!! Hey I have question for you, since I know you are brilliant I thought of you…are you familiar with the Apple Wristbands, or the Exercise Fit Bands, I have an idea but I don’t know how to create it and was wondering do you have technological/computer knowledge. Like if I said I want to create a scanner that can read a barcode do you have the knowledge as to how to do that? My idea is greater than that but let’s start there…just wondering?
    Miss you…hope all has been well with you…I’m off to read about Sam’s Crush…oohhh!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya!
      I’m sure there are ways to do things you mention and many more interesting things with the electronic/fitness wrist bands. But I do not have the know-how of how to do it.
      You should start checking out courses on Edx or Coursera. They are all open source and free. And really good! Something on coding might take you where you want to go. Or somewhere completely new! 😉

      Cheers to exploring!

      I’ll be on your blog soon!


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