When 40 degrees Celsius is amazing!‏

Summer is here. As if it wasn’t for the past infinite months or so. We did have a few showers along the way though. Pretty generous ones. They made boats out of Boeings in December. But finally, summer is here.

Summer is fun. When you are in an air-conditioned room. Not fun when you have to walk in the sun, checking every few minutes if your hair’s not vaporized. We’d all be way better off if we were solar panels.

My office has air-conditioning that generally blasts on full. The seconds that follow my exit from the office building to the scorching streets are few that have a range of emotions to them. The tingling rays first feel pleasantly thawing, shooting sparks of electricity through the flesh. 3.5 seconds later, you wish you had stayed in for lunch. Even though they are light (no pun intended), the photons bombard your skin with explosive energy. Every square inch. Clothes don’t matter. Hair acts like insulation. Only in the wrong direction.


Of course, summer has its perks too.

11 am: Wash Clothes

12 pm: Hang them out to dry

12:10 pm: Take them in or you’ll need the evening to let them cool off

There’s a restaurant near my office which has an open barbeque grill kept outside. I’ve never seen them light the coal inside. Summer helps in mysterious ways. One day the sun got too ferocious and they took the barbeque grill inside. No one likes burnt chicken.

It’s in summer that we know in whose hands the real power lies. Politicians? Nope! Business magnates? Nope! It’s the Electricity Board guys! Pun intended! You know the wrath of God when the fan overhead starts slowing down. Not if you are deeply engrossed in your phone, of course. Then the sweat beads will emerge. And you will look back on life trying to recollect all the sins that you committed.

Summer is fun. Summer is good. Summer is forever. Unless we do something about it.

Oh, btw, praise your gods you are experiencing 40+ degrees Celsius temperatures. It’s a not so comfortable -60 degrees Celsius on Mars, our future home.

Location Courtesy: Chennai
Image Courtesy: http://www.rd.com/funny/summer-cartoons/
It's self explanatory.

In what other ways does summer play games with you?

Go Burn!
Yours, literally

Now that I have your attention, here’s another one of my favorites. Presenting to you There’s a saying!

The Beginning!


8 thoughts on “When 40 degrees Celsius is amazing!‏

  1. Hi, another hot write up with some cool toppings. It was like having hot ice-cream. Another perk of summer is it provides opportunity to escape to the cooler hemisphere. Anyways nothing lasts for ever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That female night be the most resourceful person on this earth. Though she may not live long if she consumes that omlette.
      Maybe way fruits and vegetables when it’s raining! Like now! 😉

      What’s up on your side? And blog?


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yikes that is hot!! Does it stay that hot all summer or is it a heat wave? I’d still rather be hot than cold, so no living on Mars for me!! I would say this story is “hot off the press” hee hee!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! “Hot off the press!” That’s witty!
      Thanks a ton, Deb!
      You wouldn’t believe it if I told you the clouds are crying their hearts outside, and it’s super chilly inside!
      That’s Chennai for you!

      How bright are things on your side?
      I wish it’s snowing! Snow is awesome!



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