Heist at the House of Finance

About a year ago, I thought of jotting down a poem with words that are difficult to rhyme. Presenting to you the result!

Heist at the House of Finance

There was a band of thieves
They were a set of peeves
They set out for a heist
After their sumptuous feast
Ah, the house of finance
How could they miss the chance
The bank with all their guards
And bullets that’d convert glass to shards
Was to be breached
The vault had to be reached!
Cleaners in disguise
They got past the financially wise
With tools hidden in their brooms
They were poised to bring down heirlooms!
This was not an ordinary squadron
A fatal combination of brains and guns
It took them just 60 seconds
To get through the underground maze of bends!
Add another five
And they deactivated the camera live!
The clock had started ticking
The monitor in the security room wasn’t picking
10 minutes passed by and there was no sign of escape
Their position was not in good shape
The technician came down to check for a fault
And oh boy, what does he see at the vault?
Surrounded by stacks of cash dozed the gang
One in his sleep even sang!
And food had once again over powered mankind
The feast was something they should’ve left behind!

Image Courtesy: http:/www.asktheheadhunter.com

Waiting to hear from you! Do stop by in the comments area!

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Go feast!
Yours, adventurously

The Beginning!


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