The Interview

Interviewer:         Good Morning, Dave. How are you doing?

Kid:                        Dave’s doing well, I think. Yes, he told me he is happy today.

Interviewer:         (Surprised, pleasantly)And he sent you to attend the interview?

Kid:                        Nope!

Interviewer:         Then where is he?

Kid:                        He went to the washroom. And dad’s name I saw on the TV screen outside. And I am next in command. Hello!

Interviewer:        Hello! I guess Dave will have to wait. I’m John. What is your name, young chap?

Kid:                      My name is Peter. And I’m 6 years old.

John:                    Would you like to apply for this job, Peter?

Peter:                   Yes! What do we make?

John:                    We don’t make anything!

Peter:                   Not even computers?

John:                    Nope. But we are related to computers. We provide IT solutions.

Peter:                   Like at the back of my maths textbook?

John:                    Haha! Umm…I simply cannot make a comparison. We help other companies do their work.

Peter:                   Then what do they do?

John:                    They provide the front end. (Sweating profusely) Like mobile phones, laptops, cars, buildings.

Peter:                   Now we are talking. What’s our front end?

John:                    (teeth clattering) We manage the databases, test softwares, provide updates…

Peter:                   No making stuff? Not even candy?

John:                    Nope. Not yet. But tell me, Peter, what would you do with the money that you would earn?

Peter:                   Break the piggy bank. Buy lots of chocolate. Go to DisneyLand!

John:                     That’s great. Would you also like to work with DisneyLand? We work with them on some things.

Peter:                   DisneyLand’s not for work. I’ll play in DisneyLand.

John:                     That’s true. Tell me, what would you like to do here?

Peter:                   Are there comic books here? And empty paper? I like to draw.

John:                     Would you like to draw on a computer? We have many people here who do that.

Peter:                   Yes? Yes!

Dave enters, folder in hand, tie at its best, a bead of sweat on his forehead.

John:                     The kid knows his stuff! You’re hired!

Peter:                   Thanks! Dad, we’re done here! Let’s go.

And that’s how you ace an interview. We might never know what happened with Dave’s interview later that day.

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Posted something different this Father’s Day. I always love to experiment with writing styles and storylines. What do you say? Do stop by in the comments area!

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