Two Writers

Two writers were lost in a city new to them; and alas, far apart. Their communication to a bystander sounded something like this.

James: Darwin, Where are you bound?

Darwin: I think I might have booked the wrong hotel.

James: Ah! I knew the pages of your memory were yellowing.

Darwin: Could you help me out here, instead of rustling out there?

James: Summarize your surroundings!

Darwin: There are lines of text that I can’t read between.

James: Ah, for the love of God, where are you?

Darwin: I see a signboard in the distance. But the characters are blurry. They may as well be right out of your story.

James: Get closer, Shakespeare. The passage of time is not getting any shorter.

Darwin: I’m here. Looks like I’m lost in Georgetown.

James: I’m at the lane 5 across and 3 down from the Town hall Library.

Darwin: I’ll read my way through to you. I might be marginally away.

James: But we had to be at the Exhibition by 8. Shall we write that off?

Darwin: No. That’s the only reference we have. Get there.

After great pains and a lot of gibberish speak, they reached the Exhibition. I wonder why they couldn’t approach bystanders who were leading their lives communicating as normal people do.

Darwin: At last, we are on the same page.

An uninterested police officer: One more of these literary references and I’ll book you. God dammit!

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Good for the writers, the policeman didn’t notice them smirk.

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